Photos Tunisia south

In October 2012 I travelled with some friends to the Grand Erg Oriental/Great Eastern Sand Sea, a part of the Sahara desert, in southern Tunisia. After a night in Djerba we headed to the oasis of Douz. Together with two Bedouin and six dromedary camels we hiked for 4,5 day in the desert to enjoy the unequalled landscapes, the peace and quiet and the rolling sand dunes with a variety of white, yellow and orange colours. We also discovered the typical desert fauna like lizards, snakes and scorpions. At night we slept under the beautiful starry sky.

After the hike in the desert we explored the impressive old Berber villages Chenini and Douiret and the amazing ksour of Hallouf, Hedada and Ouled Soltane for two more days.

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