Version 2.8 (1999 - July 2002) - freeware - Windows


EuroCon is a very easy but advanced application to convert (European) currencies.

  • Nice and userfriendly interface with XP look in 3 languages (English, Dutch, French).
  • Eleven Euro currencies with fixed exchangerate.
  • Six other European currencies, dollar and yen with changeable rates.
  • Define your own 2 currencies with own images.
  • Select the visible currencies with their flags.
  • Set display format of the result.
  • Possibility to change number of decimals, exchange rates and colors.
  • Result window with all converted values.
  • Save results as text or HTML.
  • Unique clipboard-support so EuroCon can be used from all Windows-applications

Copyrights and distribution

  • All copyrights to EuroCon are owned by the author Stefan Cruysberghs.
  • EuroCon is freeware and may be freely distributed but no person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of EuroCon without written permission from the author.
  • Any distribution includes only the original files. You may not alter, delete or add any files of EuroCon.
  • The author doesn't give a warranty for error free running of these programs and the use of this software is on your own responsibility. 


  • Contents: Program and readme file
  • Version: 2.8 (2002-07-01)
  • File size: 510.34 Kb
  • Author: Stefan Cruysberghs
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