Welcome to, the website of software developer, passionate world traveller and travel & nature photographer Stefan Cruysberghs. On this website I show my most beautiful images. As a travel photographer I cover multiple genres but I am particularly intrigued by beautiful and desolate landscapes and seascapes, nature and wildlife, colorful people and authentic tribes. This website also contains a lot of my own articles about software development (.NET, Delphi, Web, Mobile, Cloud, ...) and in addition you can download several older components and freeware applications. Below you will find the most recent additions and news.

India south
Photos Photos of our journey through south India. We began our a journey with a houseboat trip on the tropical backwaters of Kerala. Afterwards we went to the Western Ghats mountains with beautiful and rolling tea plantations and the 'hill stations' of Munnar, Valparai and Ooty. We spotted the endangered and rare lion-tailed macaque monkeys, the cute giant squirrel and around 120 species of birds. We also went three days on safari in Kabini and we saw lots of monkeys, deer, elephants, crocodiles, flying foxes and finally a tigress. Then we visited the palace of the Maharaja in Mysore and the beautifully refined temples in Halebidu en Belur. We also visited the wonderful site of Hampi with beautiful temples and palaces. We ended our trip on the beach in Goa at the Indian Ocean.
Photos The Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland is the largest national park in the Netherlands. It is a large wetland with reed plains, rough grassland and ponds that attracts thousands of birds. 25 years ago they introduced some deer, Heck cattle and Konik horses and this park is a very good example of rewilding. Now there live about 1100 wild horses, almost 3300 red deer, 40 Heck cattle, around 50 roe deers and a healthy population of red foxes.
Customized tasks in VSTS builds
Article The Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) have a totally new way of creating build definitions. There are many available tasks right out of the box. In this article I will cover some techniques how to customize the build process. I will show you how to implement PowerShell scripts and work with environment variables and arguments, how to load custom C# .NET assemblies and how to create extensions and upload them to VSTS.
Publications funny sifaka photos
Publication Publication of my photos of a funny sifaka at the website of online edition of The Daily Mail and The Telegraph (UK). The Daily Mail Online has over 11 million visitors daily. We encountered a very curious and funny sifaka in southern Madagasar. He posed for my camera in a variety of incredible and hilarious poses.
New version TscExcelExport
Component A new version of the TscExcelExport component. This Delphi VCL component is an advanced, powerful but easy to use component which enables you to export all records of a dataset from Delphi to Microsoft Excel. Version 4.27 offers support for Embarcadero Delphi 10 Seattle and Office 2016.
Winter in Horst
Photos Photos of the nearby castle and chapel of Horst during the winter. The castle of Horst was built in the mid-14th century and is still quite authentic. The small chapel of Saint Joseph is located in a field under an old linden tree nearby the castle. It has been built in the beginning of the 19th century.
Photos Photos of our journey through the fascinating Madagascar. Very special on the ‘Red Island’ are the unique endemic animals such as lemurs, sifakas, chameleons, geckos, lizards, frogs, birds, ... Moreover there are varied landscapes such as dense rainforests, dry forests, savanna, huge baobab trees, tropical beaches with palm trees, rice terraces, unique rock formations and canyons ... The country has many colorful people and everywhere you can still see traditional ox carts, old cycle and pulled rickshaws, dugout canoes, ...
Photos Kingfishers are one of the most beautiful species of birds in my country Belgium. This bird is a fish-eater with a bright blue orange plumage of about 16cm long. I already spend a lot of hours sitting in my camouflage hide near a pond, but often I didn’t capture any good shots. Recently, however, it was a great day and a young female kingfisher has been fishing for many hours. She catched fishes, insects and a lot of frogs and tadpoles and eat them all. I was able to shoot a lot of beautiful photos.
Belgian newspaper Nieuwsblad
Publication On October 2nd the Belgian newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' published a nice article in the paper and digital edition about my seven photos that have been published in the block calendar of National Geographic 2016.
Belgian newspaper dS
Publication On October 1st the Belgian newspaper 'De Standaard' published a great article about my photography and journeys and the seven pictures that have been published in the block calendar of National Geographic.
Rutting season in Hoge Veluwe
Photos Every year the rutting season of the red deers starts at the end of September. We went one day to the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. The park is home to almost 200 red deers. During the rutting season the males, known as stags, leave their male herds and will search for females. At that time male red deers will have impressive antlers and they will grow a short neck mane. They start belling and fighting with other males to impress the hinds.
Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen
Photos The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen is a beautiful nature reserve in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is a dune area with lots of water channels. It has the largest population of fallow deers in the Netherlands. There also foxes, roe deers and many birds. We also visted the neighboring Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. We were not able to spot the wisents (European bison) but we saw a nice herd of Highland cattle.
Photos The castle and the chapel of Horst are photogenic landmarks near my new home. So in recent months I went out to photograph them several times, mostly in the evening and at night or when there were special weather conditions. I tried to create some unique photos of these monuments that differ from the images that already have been captured by many other people.
Belgian newspaper BvL
Publication On September 5th the Belgian newspaper 'Het Belang van Limburg' published a very nice article (in Dutch) about my photography and the publication of my seven pictures in the calendar of National Geographic. The newspaper has more than 100,000 readers.
National Geographic calendar
Publication The beautiful National Geographic block calendar 2016 has been released and available for sale. This time they collected the most beautiful images from amateur photographers. I am very delighted that 7 of my photos are included. And even more, they published a mini-interview with me and used two of my photos in a promotional article for it.
Photos Photos of wonderful trip to Zambia. We made a unique and adventurous canoe trip on the Zambezi River. We often had to slalom between groups of hippos and we saw a lot of birds. We camped on the riverbanks under an impressive starry sky. Then we went 5 days on safari in South Luangwa, one of the most beautiful national parks in Southern Africa. Besides lots of elephants, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, ... there is also a high concentration of predators like leopards, hyenas, wild dogs and lions.
Digital Photographer magazine
Publication My photo of a flying hummingbird has been published on the cover of the Digital Photographer Magazine, a popular magazine for enthusiastic to semi-pro shooters in the UK. The magazine is also distributed in many other countries. I photographed this flying male green violetear in the cloud forest in Costa Rica.
Ethiopian Airlines magazine
Publication Publication of several photos in Selamta, the Ethiopian Airlines flight magazine. My pictures illustrate a fascinating article about the wonderful Hudad lodge in the mountains near the town of Lalibela in Ethiopia
Award in photocontest
Photo contest This photo of a Mursi woman in southern Ethiopia was awared with the 3th place in category 'Travel' in international photo contest in the Netherlands. 5 of my photos have been published in the catalogue of this photographic salon
The Daily Mail - Tiger attack
Publication Publication of my article with accompanying photos of a tiger attack in India at the website of online edition of The Daily Mail (UK). The Daily Mail Online has over 11 million visitors daily. I shot these unique wildlife photos of a tiger at Tadoba national park in central India.
Photos Photos of my journey through Mongolia. We spotted wild Przewalski horses, visited ancient Buddhist monasteries, met many nomads with their herds and drove to the Gobi desert with vast steppe plains, high sand dunes, beautiful cliffs, ... Then we flew to the Altai Mountains with beautiful snowcapped mountains and prehistoric petroglyphs. We also met the wonderful Kazakh eagle hunters and their ancient traditions and attended the fascinating Golden Eagle Festival.
Azure Management Libraries
Article This article contains a lot of C# .NET examples how to use the Microsoft Azure Management Libraries to automate, deploy, and test cloud infrastructure easily. It includes examples for creating and deleting Azure clouds services, SQL databases, storage, websites, services bus, configuring websites, starting and stopping virtual machines, …
Daily Mail & Times - Eagle hunters
Publication Publications in The Times (UK), The Daily Mail Online (UK) and some French and German websites of an article with photos of the Kazakh Golden Eagle Hunters in the remote Altay mountains in Mongolia
Blooming heathland
Photos The most interesting time for landscape photographers in my home region the Kempen is definitely the blooming period of the heather in late August. This year it was a two weeks earlier than other years. I woke up early multiple times to photograph the sunrise at the heathlands of the Blekerheide and the Heuvelse heide in my hometown Lommel.
Photos Photos from a weekend trip to the nature island Tiengemeten in North Holland. In 2006 Tiengemeten was transformed from farmland to nature and now it is full of wild flowers, there are wonderful fields of yellow goldenrod, semi-wild Highland cattle graze there and waterbirds are also numerous.
WebAPI and Windows authentication
Article A detailed article about ASP.NET WebAPI 2.2 REST services and Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA) for intranets. How does it work and how to configure windows authentication in your .NET server project, in IIS (Express) and in the webbrowsers. And finally I will show some examples how to implement .NET and HTML/Javascript clients which consume the service.
Photos Last spring I spent a lot of time in nature; sometimes very close to my home in Lommel, occasionally from my hide and also several walks in the bigger nature reserves in the Netherlands. I was able to photograph a lof of birds and now I’ve created a small selection of the best photos of kingfishers, cormorants, herons, woodpeckers, buzzards, ...
Konik horses
Photos The Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland is the largest national park in the Netherlands. It is a large wetland with reed plains, rough grassland and ponds that attracks thousands of birds such as geese, spoonbills, cormorants, herons, .... 25 years ago they introduced some deer, Heck cattle and Konik horses. Now there live about 1,000 wild horses, the largest population in Europe.
Photos In May 2014 I travelled for 5 days to the Brittany (Bretagne) in France. We visited the department of Finistère and the Crozon peninsula with fantastic rock formations and cliffs, picturesque lighthouses, old forts, prehistoric monuments, ... We ended our trip at the cliffs of Étretat in Normandy. We focused on landscape and seascape photography and so each morning and in the evening we were ready to take photos.
Costa Rica
Photos Photos of my journey to Costa Rica. We started our jungle tours in La Selva, then we went to the Arenal volcano, followed by Carara NP and a wonderful boat trip on the Tarcoles river. By boat we travelled to Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula. It was paradise with a snorkeling trip and an exciting day in the rainforest of Corcovado. We ended our trip in the valley of San Gerardo de Dota. There we explored the cloud forest and spotted the quetzal.
Zonder Lensdop magazine
Publication Publication of my article and photos about the lmuget ceremonies of Samburu tribe in Kenya in the magazine of VLF (Belgium). In Kenya I was able to witness these lmuget ceremonies where young men become warriors (moran) and the older morans become mzee. It was a unique and fantastic experience that is still rarely attended by Westerners.
Lommel by night
Photos Night photos of my hometown Lommel. Some well-known landmarks such as the Leyssens mill, the German war cemetery, Saint Mary’s park, the CC Adelberg and the church of Lommel center with sometimes with a wonderful starry sky. Some photos are my by using my flash and torch and some 'light painting' techniques to illuminate the subject.
Red deer rut
Photos From mid-September to mid-October the deer rut takes place. At that time male red deers will have impressive antlers and they will grow a short neck mane. They start belling and fighting with other males to impress the hinds. I went several times to the Weerterbos to photograph the red deers because they are also less shy.
Photos Photos of my journey through Kenya. In the Samburu NP we went on safari. Then we explored the far north of Kenya nd we met the Turkana and El Molo tribes. Afterwards we stayed several days with the Samburu tribe near Maralal. There we witnessed the lmuget ceremonies where young men become warriors. It was a unique and fantastic experience that is still rarely attended by Westerners. We ended our journey at Lake Naivasha.